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Musician, composer, lyricist, painter and author

Born in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

He was exposed to classical and church music from an early age, and began his creating activities as a teenager.

At the age of 20, his piano suite composed as a teenager “PIERROT” caught the attention of a major advertising agency, and since then he has been involved in a variety of film music, drama theme music, TV commercials, and Japanese popular songs.

In the flow of the development of music equipment, he has developed the miracle sound, 447Hz “447A108″, in pursuit of the quality of true, pure sound.

In addition to his music activities, he is also developing his own unique style of painting called “MUISC SAIGA” which combines the rhythm of music and coloring of tones.

Also published the “Music-Poem-Novel” series that give rhythm to the words with the beat of sound.
Through the sensibility as a musician, the fusion of the pulse of sound and the prosody of words is questioned widely to readers as the literature of the coming age.

His musical works include the instrumental albums; “AME” , “AME II” , “Six Continents” , “Twelve Constellations” ,
and the piano instrumental album “Dress of the Moon”.
Since 2023, he has energetically released albums such as “SYMPHONY WAKOKU” with the theme of Oriental Japan,
and the classical “Piano Sonata” which shows the true worth of FOAJEON’s music as a pianist.
His many works include the poetry collection “Tabibito” and the art collection “AGUR”.

He is a member of JASRAC (Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers) and JASPAR (Japanese Society for protecting Artists’ Rights).
General producer of KIDS CONTENTS PROJECT.

Piano Performance by FOAJEON

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